HGH Therapy: Human Growth Hormone Therapy

HGH Therapy: Human Growth Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy has been in use since 1950, where this therapy was effectively used to treat Growth Hormone Deficiencies (GHD) though the use of growth hormones for treating anti-aging problems gained popularity since the early 1990’s.

Due to the ever growing interest of people to maintain their youthfulness, today Hormone Growth Therapy has now become a highly successful business enterprise and the products of this hormone therapy are in the hands of medical professionals.

Research and tests on hormone therapy has shown to be very effective in treating obese people and has also proved effective in muscle growth but then hormone therapy has not got the approval from FDA.

The question that arises is whether this hormone therapy is really the best choice for you? So before you decide to go in for this hormone therapy you need to understand about the product and their marketing strategy.

Amino Acids are organic acids with nitrogen base and they are the main source of protein the making up of human growth hormones.

As you know that the pituitary gland is an endocrine gland and almost all the hormones are generated here which enters into your blood and controls the metabolism of your whole body. The endocrine glands consists of the hypothalamus, the ovaries, the adrenal glands, thyroid glands, testes, thymus etc.

Many a times it has been found that a substance affects a healthy person adversely and the same substance is found to cure a person who is suffering and this method of treating a person is called Homeopathy and all most all medicines used here are made from natural substances that come from plants, animals and minerals.

Hormones as you know are chemicals that are produced in the endocrine glands of the body, these hormones help the growth of cells; control all most all metabolic activities of the body.

Human Growth Hormones are complex or complicated protein structures that are generated in the pituitary glands and they include 191 different amino acids. The main function of the Human Growth Hormone is to activate the liver so as to produce Insulin Growth Factor or IGF-1 which helps to trigger the growth of bone and tissues in the body.

As you know that growth hormones are generated from the time the ovaries are fertilized and the growth hormone reaches it maximum limit when the person reaches adolescent or attains puberty and after that there after the hormone level slowly decreases and the aging process gradually begins.

Pituitary Gland : This gland is situated in the brain and it is responsible for the generation of a number of hormones like HGH, TSH or Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone, Luteinizing Hormone that controls the production of estrogen and testosterone in the body.

Synthetic HGH is nothing but a Recombinant DNA which you know is produced in the laboratories. This synthetic HGH this is produced by inserting DNA or Deoxyribonucleic acid found in certain yeasts and bacteria’s. Use of natural methods to generate HGH in the body is the best way to retain youthfulness.

Asthma and Other Breathing Problems With High Blood Pressure

Asthma and Other Breathing Problems With High Blood Pressure

A serious side effect of beta blockers is narrowed lung airways in people with asthma (and they already have some narrowing in their airways because of their asthma). Some people with asthma have a clear history of recurrent wheezing attacks (usually beginning in childhood) but some have asthma without knowing it (perhaps because they have none of the typical symptoms and so have not consulted a doctor-and doctors cannot diagnose asthma in people that they have not seen). Any use of beta blockers can be very dangerous for any of these people, however mild their asthma may appear, as even a single dose can cause very severe tightening of the airways (which could be fatal).

Doctors will suspect asthma in anyone who has recurrent episodes of coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, or chest tightness (all typical symptoms of asthma). Other clues are a history of allergies and asthma affecting other members of the family. Anyone with these symptoms should have their lung function checked to see if they have asthma. This usually involves taking a series of peak flow measurements over a seek or so. Taking these measurements is very simple. All one has to do is to blow as hard and as fast as possible into a small device called a peak flow meter, and the result (the peak flow rate) can be read off its scale. Sometimes this measurement may be taken by the doctor before and after taking some sort of asthma treatment. If the treatment improves a person’s readings then the person definitely has asthma. It is quite essential for everybody to have one peak flow measurement reading before starting on beta blockers. The results can then be compared with expected value for one’s age, sex and height. If one’s reading is 25 percent or more below the suspected value then one should definitely avoid beta blockers and perhaps have more readings to see if one has asthma.

There are two ways in which asthma narrows the airways and causes difficulty with breathing, and two different sorts of inhaler are prescribed to deal with them. The underlying reason is inflammation of the linings of airways, so that they become swollen and produce too much mucus. The inhalers to deal with this contain drugs are known as preventers. The inflammation makes the airways twitch and irritable which means that the spiral muscles which surround them tighten up (spasm) and narrow them still further when one comes across anything that starts one’s coughing or wheezing. The inhalers used during an attack contain drugs known as Relievers.

There are many different reliever inhalers, but perhaps the best known are salbutamol (Aerolin, Ventolin) and tribulation (Brittany). They work by relaxing the spiral muscles, which in turn allows the tightened airways to open up. They generally have a very rapid and easily recognised effect, so people with severe asthma are often tempted to overuse them.

Relievers have little or no effect on blood pressure. However, if one takes too much of them, they can cause disturbances of heart rhythm which can be serious, particularly in people who already have high blood pressure. They are only intended to be used to relieve the asthma symptoms, so they must be used when asthma is causing problems. If there are no symptoms the reliever inhalers should not be used.

Preventive inhalers are designed to be taken regularly, as their purpose is to reduce the underlying inflammation in the airways. There are many different types-but the best known contain corticosteroids such as Beclomethasone dipropionate (Filair, Becotide). Since each dose is concentrated in the lung, preventive inhalers rarely cause significant sodium retention, which in turn means that they rarely cause a rise in blood pressure. This means that there is no reason why one should not take preventive inhalers regularly as prescribed.

The steroid tablets given for very severe asthma attacks are corticosteroids, usually Prednisolone. They may cause some rise in the blood pressure after a few days but even for people with high blood pressure the risks of this are trivial compared with the risks of severe uncontrolled asthma.

Regular inhaler steroids and occasional causes of steroid tablets may often be life-saving for children with severe asthma. Compared with this very real benefit, worries that these treatments may perhaps cause possible high pressure sometime in future are probably trivial.

Ways of Gaining Body Muscle by raising the levels of HGH

Ways of Gaining Body Muscle by raising the levels of HGH

Men and Muscles

Most men dream of becoming strong and bulky. Ever since the start of gyms, men have been fascinated by muscles. However, building body muscles is not just about physical appearance but it makes the man to have more stamina and strength. So, what is the process of gaining the additional muscle mass? One way of doing this is to increase the level of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This hormone is produced chemically by pituitary gland whose main function is to renew and repair cells. As far as muscles are concerned, the HGH raises the amount of body muscle cells whereas doing exercise increases muscle tissue.

Exercising Alongside HGH

You can gain more body muscles by raising your level of HGH through physical exercises like cycling, weight lifting and jogging. These exercise activities injects more HGH in the body’s blood stream as a result of the lactic acid present in the muscles that stimulates HGH production. The HGH formed during the exercise rejuvenates tired out muscle cells. In addition, as the HGH levels increase so does the metabolism rate making one feel hungrier. It is therefore vital to maintain high fiber and protein diet at this stage.

Although you will feel hungry as a result of the HGH, do not eat fast foods since most of them are unhealthy. The fact that HGH is anabolic allows it to convert fat into body muscle tissue much quicker. Therefore, incorporating HGH with exercise and balanced diet builds muscles and reduces fat faster. It has also been noted that the intake of HGH pills together with exercise improves your image. Generally, the HGH pills reduce the time required to achieve the set weight target and unlike steroids, the supplements lack adverse side effects.

Additional HGH benefits on Body muscle Building

There is no other supplement that matches HGH when it comes to its restoration powers. After being on HGH and physical exercise treatment, a healthy person can gain approximately 12 pounds. In addition, HGH boosts the body’s oxygen intake as well as its cardiovascular system, which in turn boosts your stamina. On a daily basis, HGH supplements make one stronger, happier and fitter.

Ways of Increasing HGH Levels

You can take HGH supplements or injections if you want a faster way of gaining body muscle. The effects of the latter are concentrated and its effects felt immediately, while the former is slow but effective. Besides the above methods, the perfect natural way is reducing stress and getting sufficient sleep. As you sleep, the body generates HGH, which is maintained all day long. The level of HGH in the body is affected by stress. This is due to the increase of insulin caused by stress, which in turn prevents the production of HGH. Nowadays, people prefer to use natural methods or synthetic supplements to gain body muscle. Plenty of bodybuilders and athletes prefer to take a HGH treatment course that lasts between 3 to 5 weeks. When complemented by the above tips, this practise will easily make your dream of having a perfect body a reality.

Where To Find Green Tea Extract

Where To Find Green Tea Extract

In herbal add-ons the major accepted and extensively available is green tea extract. Some time back green tea extract could only be found in food stores which used to deal in health related stuffs or shops dealing with imported goods and stores selling exclusive and expensive consumer good.

An average person who is health conscious and would like to add in there daily routine an extra something nowadays can easily grab these supplements from superstore or petrol station. Green tea can be found is many combinations to name some of the available combination are mix of teas ,coffee drinks specially with green tea, the coffeehouse chains have coffees with mixtures of green tea. The products available are to target the health freaks as well as the ordinary or the common man and this class products are more in demand.

Grocery and Pharmacies Stores

For people who are looking for adding the green tea in there diet there are various options available nowadays, if someone is looking for something beyond drink of green tea those types can try the gel cap or pill in there routine diet which is available at the local pharmacy or the grocery store. Furthermore the green tea extract are presently used as inoculation by brands in vitamins business. These improved multi-vitamins prove to be good source for people to include green tea extract in there schedule with minimum or no effort.

Fitness and Health Stores

Varied products ranging from concentrates to supplements to teas are offers by shopkeepers or retailers over and above green tea extracts are available with generally all specially created fitness stores and health food stores, apart from selling these products they also provide you with service of educating you on the products with the help of trained and knowledgeable marketing and sales personnel they serve as an assistance for buyers. For buyers who are first time buyers or not sure in making choice about the products they want to buy or there particular green tea extract these specialty health stores come handy as they give you a chance to examine the available combinations and choices along with having salespersons who are well-informed and moreover always ready to answer your queries.

Retailers (Online)

Online retailers also offer the services through web (internet) of course for you to buy green tea extracts. For people who have tried and tested there particular combination or brand and exactly know what they want to buy can buy at there leisure from there homes through web based stores. One should be aware of where he or she is buying from if it’s a web based store as these sites offer wide ranges of products and good to believe kind of bargains too which later can be untrue, fake. When buying on the internet be sure of looking for the best price deals, compare all the available rates and try to chose the best price and make sure that you opt for the best deal. Online retailers have to be verified this is very important, ways to check this is reading reviews about them on internet asking them some questions relating to the product about it being genuine and safe and if this product had a trial period (returnable) and also to who there suppliers are. Make your own choice to where you want to buy your green tea extract from a vendor on your way to work or the online web based store, one thing is sure green tea extracts are available widely and also considered to be safe generally and is your first great step forward to a happier and healthier you.

Benefits of HGH

Benefits of HGH

Deficiency of Human Growth Hormone can lead to a number of health related problems.  It has been noticed that as you grow older the level of this hormone decreases and leads to aging and age related ailments.

Some of the symptoms that are related to the deficiency of the growth hormones are that you can feel that the skin has lost its elasticity and that it has become thinner and flabbier you can also notice fine wrinkles not only on your hands but also on your face especially near the eyes and mouth.

Due to the deficiency of this hormone the energy level in the body is greatly affected and you feel weak and lethargic as you have lost the stamina to work.

Bones tend to grow weak and it has been noticed that due to deficiency of this hormone many bone related problems are created like osteoporosis and rheumatic arthritis etc.

Loss of sexual power is a major problem faced by many people.

Fat tissues increase and gets accumulated around the waist, hips, thighs etc and trying to get rid of this fat can be a great problem, even the muscles lose strength and mass.

People have complained about loss of memory or short term memory, heart muscles lose their strength which can lead to a number of heart related ailments, there are cases where the proper functioning of the kidneys have been affected, the body looses its immunity and becomes prone to other ailments too as the resistance power of the body weakens, due to the deficiency of HGH the healing capacity of the body decreases.

Hair loss, thinning of hair etc is often associated with deficiency of HGH in the body. Increased level of cholesterol is yet another problem faced due to the low level of this growth hormone in the body.

Studies have shown that use of oral supplements of HGH has been beneficial to people. It has been found that there has been improvement in cases of weight loss, wrinkle reduction; energy levels have increased greatly, so has the muscle strength and sexual potency have greatly improved after the use of HGH supplements.

What are the other HGH benefits?

Though you need to take the medication for a period of six months to get the full HGH benefits it has been noticed that due to the use of this medication, in the first month itself there has been an improvement in the stamina, people have developed optimistic attitude and energy level has increased. There has been improvement of nail growth, enhancement of sexual interest, better digestion, weight loss, improved skin tone i.e. diminishing wrinkles, improved eyesight, stronger immune system i.e. better resistance to fight against diseases, reduced joint pains and decrease in the cholesterol level etc.

Though the benefits are great, as each individual has his or her own unique body constituent so does the benefit of this medication vary from person to person. HGH supplements are a boon to all beauty and health conscious people.