Gentle Carbon Dioxide Laser Promises to Rid Skin of Stretch Marks

There is a new treatment in the United Kingdom and United States of America which promises to remove all the age spots and stretch mark very easily or effortlessly. This is kind of laser treatment. This laser treatment requires the fumes of carbon dioxide and water to evaporate the skin dead cells away, this actually allows the better re-growth of the skin and renewal of the skin cells in the matter of weeks. The doctors have promised that this method of laser treatment is very easy and one experiences no pain or any kind of effortlessness because the vigorous pulses used in the treatment used the carbon-dioxide with lasers.

The aim or motive in this treatment is not to burn away but vaporizes away the dead skin cells, this actually leads to less pain and very efficient results, and it also offers the easy recovery from the stretch marks. This treatment basically helps in recovering a smooth skin effortlessly, and the treatment also helps in getting the old complexion which ageing has taken away and left you behind ugly. The treatment also offers an option to prevent your skin from the worst skin damages and every skin damaging factors.

The results or the consequences of these tests are proved to be very positive and effective. They also proved out to be very efficient as the recovery time is hurdle one to two days. The patients or the people who are undergoing for this laser treatment have to take a local anesthetic before the beginning of the treatment at the clinic or hospital, and this makes this treatment very painless and very less obstructive. Thus this treatment is very better than any other laser treatment. The procedure or process of the laser treatment using the carbon dioxide chiefly is as follows:

The question about this treatment is that, what is the major or chief thing in this treatment which makes it free from all the pains? The answer to the question is that the aiming or hitting the skin in the treatment is done in very accurate and toned manner, and the treatment also exposes the skin to the carbon di oxide which really makes it very painless. One more important thing about the new carbon di oxide treatment is that it targets only the specific lines and areas which are really very appropriate for those who are dealing with the problem of stretch marks.

These stretch marks appear in red color which makes them look very ugly later they turn out to be purple in color. But later these fade up marks go away leaving just a line behind.

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