Eyelash Perming To Beautify Your Eyes

Beautiful women have beautiful eye; naturally, because beautiful eyes make a woman beautiful. But if you are not born with beautiful eyes, you can still make them beautiful. There are several ways to beautify your eyes and one of them to perm your eyelashes. Perming gives permanent waves to you eyelashes, but you should be careful because the chemicals that are used may harm your eyes if improperly done.

Traditionally, women have used curlers and mascaras to give their eyelashes a wavy unturned look, which enhances the size of their eyes. But these are only temporary measures and the effects do not last long. In fact, the curls made this way disappear as soon as you wash your face. So when eyelash perming became widely available after 2000, women quickly adopted it as the preferred method to curl their eyelashes.

How is eyelash perming done?

Eyelash perming is not a complicated process. Below is a step -by-step description of how eyelash perming is done:

  1. Eyelashes are washed and treated with a special solution.
  2. Eyelashes are wrapped around a roller or a miniature perm rod.
  3. Perming solution is carefully applied to the upturned eyelashes and then left to set.

The entire procedure may lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. If your eyelashes are very coarse, it may take longer than that as they need to be softened.

How does it work?

The perming solution softens the inner structure of the hairs and breaks and reforms their bonds. As a result, the hair swells, stretches and softens, and then molds around the roller or perm rod to form a permanent curl. A perm done this way can last up to four months. Since eyelash perming requires the use of chemicals, it should be done only by a trained and certified person. In fact, you need a valid cosmetic license in every state of the USA to perform the procedure.

What are the safety issues?

The perming solution contains acids or alkaline, both of which can have corrosive effects if not handled properly. This is why you should not perm your eyelashes at home if you are not good at it. The usual side effect of eyelash perming is a stinging sensation around the eyes. One thing you must keep in mind is that while perming hair has been approved by the FDA, perming around the eyes has not been approved.