A Checklist for Home Improvement Month

Homeowners everywhere are planning out their home renovations for home improvement month. If you are doing the same, but don’t know where to start, then hopefully this checklist will help you get everything in order. The first hint is to focus on major renovations that are needed (roof leaks, etc.), versus decorative remodeling, such as lawn and paint. Use this list to determine how much major work is needed for your property:

  • Make sure your roof is in one piece: If you have access to a ladder or binoculars, take a look at the roof to make sure that there aren’t any broken shingles or roofing tiles. If you see one that is flapping in the wind, then this is a sure sign that work needs to be done. Some materials you may want to use for your roof to ensure its longevity include polymer shake and slate roofing tiles. They are impact-resistant and come in a multitude of colors. Some are even fire-proof and hail-proof.
  • Check all of your windows: Just because there aren’t any broken glass doesn’t mean that your windows don’t need replacing. Make sure that your windows don’t have any air leakage, which could be raising your energy bill during the summer and winter months. You can also go for windows that are more durable and let in less UV rays. Vinyl framed windows are a good option because they are energy efficient and are appealing, plus durable. They hardly rot and require low maintenance.
  • Ensure your main door isn’t warped: When night falls, turn on a light in the hall or room that is near the doorway, close the door and walk out to the driveway or curb. If you can see light around the door, then it is warped. If you have a hard time locking, closing and opening the door, this too is an indication that it needs to be replaced. You can go with a high-performance fiberglass door, which improves insulation compared to wooden doors.
  • Take a look at the siding on your home: If you have siding that is dirty and filled with algae, you can pressure wash it. Just make sure to avoid pressure washing the windows or its screens because it could crack or damage them. As you are cleaning off the shingles, check for any that may have buckled, become warped or sustained insect or animal damage. If any are found, you can have them replaced.
  • Don’t overlook your gutters: A lot of people don’t look at gutters as being important, but don’t make the same mistake. It ensures that your home gets proper drainage each time it rains. Take a look at your gutters to make sure they aren’t clogged or damaged. You can clean them out or have them replaced by a contractor. The gutters should have a proper slope to ensure that they have good drainage. No damage should be done to your landscaping or building structure caused by the gutter system.