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Building a house may be an expensive affair, but will be done and over with, in a few weeks. However, renovating a house can be a pain, especially since you will have to live with the repair work going on under the same roof. This, is why it is important that you hire the right company who can carry out your renovation quickly and efficiently, especially in the case of renovating kitchens and bathrooms that can call for tile removal and replacement.

Even the smallest crack or error in the bath tiles can leave a bad taste. For example a minutely displaced tile or a cracked tile can throw off the geometry of the pattern you intended to set, and make your grout line look all goofed up. Worst of all is when you have to fix a botched up job that can become messy with undesired results. If water has seeped through the grout, you may have to spend a real lot in fixing the framing and mess created to finished walls and ceilings. This is why you should hire a professional tile removal firm in Fountain hills.

A professional company such as Dust B Gone AZ, will ensure that the job gets done right the very first time. As confident as you may be in using a chisel, certain applications may need the incorporation of specialty tiles, grout, edging and adhesive that is best handled by a professional who knows his way with his stuff.


How to find the best tile removal Fountain Hills service provider:

Most homeowners begin their exercise of finding the right tiling provider by trolling the neighborhood. The best bet to find a good service provider is to go directly to a tile supply store that caters to not just consumers but also contractors. These larger outlets are bound to know and be tied up with premium service providers. You may also want to consider hiring a commercial contractor who will be best suited to do your job. Many commercial tillers will gladly take up a residential project of good size.

Once you have short listed a few names, dig deeper for recommendations, and user testimonies and references. You may also want to check for current insurance. Look for a service provider that has been in the business for at least 3 years. Ask for photographs of past jobs, to feel satisfied with their expertise.

Benefits of dust free tile removal

Unlike the yesteryears today, you can get your tiles removed and replaced without throwing up gusts of dust in the air. Traditional tile removal involved chisels, and sledgehammers, chipping and hammering and not to forget a lot of noise and enormous clouds of dust.

Today, companies such as Dust B Gone, employ state of the art, cutting edge technology to reduce and eliminate dust, dirt and noise. With this improved way of tile removal, you will no longer be welcomed with a mess to clean up after your tile removal company has done its job.

Dust free: Removal of about 500 sq ft of tiles can produce close to 300 pounds of dust! This penetrates all corners of your home, including draperies, carpets and even furniture, cabinets, duct work, walls and electronics. With the latest dust free tile removal offered by Dust B Gone, the dust that is produced by the hammer, chipping the tiles is instantly captured by hi-tech a dust absorbing system the very instant it is created. This patented system also allows for the dust created by and during the grinding process itself. This saves not just time and efforts, but also money. You will no longer have to clean up the dust and mess left behind. You also will not have to hire the services of a cleaning company anymore!

More efficient: Dust B Gone, is one of the most reliable and efficient company that renders tile removal in Fountain Hill. No other contractor, in the state of Arizona can capture and contain the clouds of dust that is created from the chipping of ceramic, stone and porcelain tiles. The technology used by the trained professionals can capture dust generated by grinding the crack membrane and the thinset with speed and efficiency.

Environment friendly: The dust left behind after demolishing your tiled flooring constitutes crystalline silica which can be detrimental to the health of your family. The system used by the company captures the silica before it becomes airborne, thus protecting you and your family.

Readies the flooring: Our hi-tech system allows for the remaining thin set to be properly grounded and captures all the dust emanated in the process. This means, that there will be no need of scraping the thin set and readying it for the new tiles!

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