Tips To Find The Right Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Service Provider

Vapor intrusion, like many of you already know, happens when harmful chemicals begin to seep in from contaminated underground water into the basements or even the foundation of the strongest buildings. The chemical vapors that emanate, begin to degrade the air indoors and pose health risks to human beings. This is a form of environmental contamination that needs to be curbed before it can cause serious health ailments.

Few of the ailments that vapor intrusion may cause are:

  • Headache
  • Cancer
  • Respiratory issues
  • Eye irritation

Today, vapor intrusion is not taken lightly and many companies strive to provide professional services to eliminate the risks that it may pose. These specialists are trained to handle vapor intrusion through state of the art tools and strategies. However, it is important that you find the right service provider who can eliminate vapor intrusion related risks.

Vapor intrusion

Check license and accreditations

Dealing with vapor intrusion is not as simple and easy as pest control. An intrusion solution is not just scientifically planned and designed but also in compliance with EPA guidelines. The service provider you choose should have adept knowledge of the current technologies. The team needs to know what will work for what? Radon issues, chemical vapors, etc. need to be dealt differently. The same solution will not work for both. Look for the service provider’s license and accreditations to be sure that they know what they are doing.

Long-lasting Solutions

The right way to mitigate vapor intrusion goes beyond just installing fans and piping. Most Vapor intrusion issues are generally addressed by making changes in the building’s structure. The material used and the after-care also plays an important role. A reliable vapor mitigation company will provide a solution that stands the test of time. The work generally involves changing the pressure as well as airflow of the building such that the direction of vapor flow is altered.

Check on Documentation

Most good vapor mitigation service providers are accountable and trustworthy. They provide detailed documentation of all their findings, a proper recommendation and plan along with the mitigation process in steps. This will allow you to understand how they intend to tackle the issue. Ask for documentation and files of the cases, they have handled in the past to better understand their competency and skill to handle vapor intrusion.